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Cook Book

A Cook Book for Active Families


This book is written for groups of people who live together, eat together, and are active. We call you our Active Families. This book offers the Active Family a framework to implement what you are advised to eat when you are recreationally active and what you will want to eat if you become an elite athletic performer.

Making the jump from being recreationally active to becoming an athlete involves food. Elite adolescent athletes going through puberty often jump up quickly from needing basic sports nutrition plans to elite level plans and our goal is to support the family through this jump. A busy professional who is recreationally active and then takes on the training to run in a marathon would be wise to apply some of the sports nutrition guidelines used by the elites.

If you want energy for your active life then our plan is designed for you. We call it PEP: Plan.  Eat. Perform. The simple path to an exceptional performance in your activities, in your job, or in everyday life comes from having a good plan. Your fuelling plan should account for your activity level and you should be planning to eat for performance.

Currently this cookbook is only available in french. We are hoping to offer an english version too!

Where can you purchase a copy?